Asia Technology & Instrument Ltd.



To become a leading supplier of good quality and price competitive process and automation instruments to our customers on a global basis

Company Profile

Asia Technology and Instrument Limited (ATI) was founded on November 1992 in Hong Kong. We represent and distribute innovative instruments of overseas manufacturers in our sales region. The products we are selling cover different types of measuring and control instruments , including temperature, level, pressure, flow and power conversion. In order to serve our customers with the highest quality products and service, we concentrate our resources and efforts in doing business in the industries of Semiconductor, Food and Beverage, Iron & Steel Mill, Petrochemical, Cement, Pulp & Paper, Float Glass, Waste Water Treatment, Marine Refrigeration & Environmental Protection in Hong Kong, China, and also Taiwan , Philippine & Korea Region.

Recently foreign investment in the People's Republic of China (the PRC) continue to grow and with the high probability of the PRC to enter the World Trade Organization, we have established our branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen as well as our China agents in cities of Wuhan, QingDao and Harbin to grasp the increasing business opportunities and preparing us for offering fast response after-sales services to our customers.

We are confident that Hong Kong will continue to play an important role as a bridge or stepping stone for overseas manufacturers to distribute products in the PRC, particularly with the entry of the PRC into the World Trade Organization in the near future.